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Lineage of William Vacchiano © 2016 Brian A. Shook

The following list is a brief compilation of names indicating Vacchiano’s teaching and influence and how it has spread throughout the world. This list is by no means comprehensive and is merely a starting point for showing the pervasiveness of his pedagogy. The list acts as a lineage of sorts, beginning with Vacchiano’s teachers:
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Max Schlossberg

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Georges Mager

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Walter M. Smith

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Gustav Heim

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Louis Kloepful

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Armando Ghitalla

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Charlie Schlueter

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Mario Guaneri

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Stephen Burns

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Thomas Stevens

Vacchiano's Teachers:
Max Schlossberg, Georges Mager, Frank Knapp,
Walter Smith, Gustav Heim,
Louis Kloepfel

Vacchiano’s Students and Their Students:

Armando Ghitalla:
Peter Chapman
Bill Chase
Phil Clark
Vincent DiMartino
William Lucas
John MacMurray
Raymond Mase
Michael Mergen
Timothy Morrison
Richard Raffio
Roger Sherman
Rolf Smedvig
Robert Sullivan

Charles Schlueter:
Andrew Balio
Darren Barrett
David Chapman
Russ DeVuest
Rene Hernandez
Richard Kelley
Benny Nguyen
Thomas Rolfs
Nailson Simoes
Christopher Still
Jeff Work

Mario Guarneri:
Ralph Alessi
Ken Larson
Jay Lichtmann
Roy Poper

Stephen Burns:
Todd Craven
Jon Nelson
Mark Niehaus
Michael Tiscione
Stacey Simpson

Thomas Stevens:
John Aley
Charles Butler
Edmund Cord
Glenn Fischtal
Håkan Hardenberger
Charles Lirette
Anthony Plog
Markus Stockhausen
Robert Walp

Bruce Revesz:
Donald Batchelder
Tom Booth
Jim Byrnes
Randy Reinhart
Richard Storey
Gordon Stump
Kenneth Watters